Hannu Vanhasen Absoluuttinen Kuvasilmä
on valokuvan, kuvajournalismin
ja visuaalisen designin keskustelu- ja esittelyfoorumi.

Absolute Photo Eye by Hannu Vanhanen presents
and discusses photography, photo journalism
and visual design.




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HANNES HEIKURA’S RETROSPECTIVE Kulttuuritoimitus.fi published 11.2.2024 my Essay on Hannes Heikura’s photographic work and style. Read the story Hannes Heikuran matka yksinäisyyteen (in Finnish) from https://kulttuuritoimitus.fi/artikkelit-kolumnit/kolumnit-ja-esseet/hannes-heikuran-matka-yksinaisyyteen/


SPACE WORKS is one of the books of the Backlight2020 Photo Festival’s trilogy. It is edited by Hannu Vanhanen, Marjut Villanueva and Virpi Nikkari. I have written the foreword and Melanie Vandenbrouck and Sara Walker the articles. Tampere Art Museum published the book, which you can order from www.tampereentaidemuseo.fi

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RELATED REALITIES is one of the books of the Backlight2020 Photo Festival’s trilogy. It is edited and written by Ariane Koek, Maija Tammi, Hannu Vanhanen and Lars Willumeit. The book is published by Backlight publications. You can order the book from the Photographic Centre Nykyaika www.valokuvakeskusnykyaika.fi

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TAMPERE DOK is a joint exhibition of ten photographers that portraits a vision of dramatic cultural and visual changes in the city scene of Tampere. Part of the traditional city disappears from the way of the new and ultramodern city. The exhibition has been shown in Finland, Germany and Estonia 2019-2022. www.facebook.com/tamperedok/

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HANNU VANHANEN photographer, writer, Ph.D.

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