Höntsy (2013/14)

maaliskuu 7th, 2014  |  Published in In English

Hannu Vanhanen: Photobook and multimedia


Non-fiction writer and photographer Hannu Vanhanen has  photographed Höntsy-players for three years in Tampere. The book “Höntsy”contains Vanhanen’s photography of geezer’s winter games.

The author interviewed  Finnish Höntsy-players namely the legend Raimo Helminen,  the actor Aimo Räsänen and the father of Tampere höntsy Ilkka Jokinen and three other top players.

The sport has many names: höntsy, hönsy, jalkahöntsy (foot höntsy), hikipallo (sweat ball) and hönde. It is played around Finland, but the original höntsy is from Tampere.

The game is played with a children’s rubber toy ball. It is a fair game, not to be taken too seriously. The book takes the reader 
to the heart of masculine culture, and at the same time it is the author’s homage to an equal and free hobby and sport.

Check also a video on this website > http://www.hannuvanhanen.com/video/



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