21 elokuun, 2015  |  Published in publications

Photo: Peter Essick, Kitka River, Finland 2009



Media is a mobile and flexible concept. It is global, but at the same time local. It is used by individuals but also by masses. It is shared as well as private. Whole media landscape is moving and changing. Traditional journalism is integrating into the phenomena of social media. Instead of being only a channel of information media has taken its role to be our entertainment. Integrated Media in Change is made for explaining this living movement and media’s diverse features.

There are two focus points that this book concentrates on. It introduces the information structures within design and visual communication, and outlines the relationships between traditional and social media.

Inspiration to this publication came from the Nordic research project Integrated Media which has open new co-operation between the media in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Project has brought together researchers that share their curiosity on the topic. Writers are professors, lecturers and scholars of media, visual communication, social sciences and media technology.

The first edition was edited by Riitta Brusila and Hannu Vanhanen in 2014 and the second, revised edition was edited together with Ann-Kristin Juntti-Henriksson in 2015.

My own article The paradoxes of quality photographs : slow journalism in National Geographic can be found  http://lauda.ulapland.fi/handle/10024/61858

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